SCXTT is a music producer based in Bulacan Province, Philippines who specializes in creating lo-fi beats. His journey began in 2020 when the global pandemic struck and the ensuing lockdown enabled him to explore the industry of lo-fi. After months of learning the basics of music production, SCXTT started making a name for himself in early 2022 with his unique blend of soundtracks, which were often complemented by ambient soundscapes.

Since then, SCXTT has been steadily building a reputation as one of the most promising rookie producers in the industry. His dedication to perfecting his craft and pushing boundaries has earned him a respectable fanbase and recognition from fellow producers. With his signature sound and innovative approach to production, SCXTT is sure to be a name to remember in the lo-fi world for years to come. 


Can is use your music for my videos?

Of course, you can use my music without your content getting taken down. 

Can i use your artworks in my content?

No, any artwork used in my music is either mine, commissioned by me, or provided by my label.

How can I credit you if I used your music?

 Simply put the link of the music/track you used in your description.